Hi, we are Rob and Emilie Garwitz, proud St. Louis natives and Co-Founders of Daily Standard.

We have three food beliefs that led us to dream up Daily Standard. First, what we put in our body is one of the most important daily decisions we make. Second, today’s fast-paced lifestyle makes it hard to make good food decisions. And third, breakfast is the best meal of the day. We love breakfast.

These three beliefs set us on a journey to see if we could solve the challenge of eating well on-the-go (especially in the morning). What we discovered was that people like us were searching for something better, something fresher, but they didn’t always have the time to cook. So, we teamed up with Guerilla Street Food Co-Founder, Brian Hardesty, to create dishes that would taste as good as they made you feel afterward.

We envision Daily Standard as something that will make people’s lives better in a simple way: nutrient-dense, great-tasting food served conveniently so you can get on with your day. We are committed to building a passionate team of people right here in our hometown of St. Louis who are just as excited about fulfilling this mission as we are. Thank you for your support – we hope to see you soon at Daily Standard!